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How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

    • Faucet used in this demonstration: Delta Faucet - model: 340-SS-DST (Most delta faucets install similarly)

Kitchen Faucet Replacement Instructions:


  1. Turn off water to the sink.
  2. Place a towel under the water supply lines to catch any water that may come out.
  3. Use the crescent wrench to unscrew the water supply lines from the shut-off valves.
  4. Unscrew the water supply lines from under the faucet.
  5. Unscrew the large nut from under the faucet using the "faucet and sink installer" tool.
  6. Unscrew the nut from the sprayer pipe (if unable to unscrew the nut then cut the hose if you are not going to reuse it).
  7. Pull the faucet out of the sink.
  8. Clean the area on the sink where the faucet was.


  1. Place the plastic escutcheon on the bottom of the new faucet.
  2. Place the faucet into the sink holes.
  3. Use the "faucet and sink installer" tool to screw on the large nuts under the sink to the bottom of the faucet on both sides. Make sure nut is tight. (WARNING: if nut is not tight enough faucet will loosen over time)
  4. Place the new sprayer through the faucet hole.
  5. Remove both blue clip & plug from the bottom of the faucet pipe.
  6. Insert the end of the sprayer pipe to the sprayer connection on the faucet.
  7. Snap the blue clip back into place.
  8. Attach both hot and cold lines from the faucet onto the valves. Hand tight. Then with a half turn using the wrench.
  9. Turn the water to the faucet back on.
  10. Check for leaks on the pipes you have connected.

Congratulations! You have just installed a kitchen faucet.